Brief: Hospitality

Posted on April 23, 2010

Mystery shopping exercise is well known and quite practiced in hospitality segment too, it provides effective quality assurance programs with detailed evaluation reports, cumulative data analysis to review service quality standard to measure and take corrective actions against them. Continue practice of conducting Mystery Shopping leads us to attract new guests and to more staff accountability, because “the quality of our work depends on the quality of our people”

Why is the need?

Hospitality is one of the most competitive industries across different sectors. The evaluation and quantification of subjective factors can be helped to a greater extent by Mystery shopping in larger business.

It helps the organizations with highest level of customer satisfaction leading directly to long term growth and profitability. In a customer driven industry, a key to successful business is the quality and consistency of the service. It plays a vital role in keeping the loyal customers and letting them come back time on time to use your products and services. It is the duty of the staff to provide good service and products to all the customers who use their services and they should be aware of what products and services they are providing when they know that they are judged by the management off and on, so they need to be alert on these always.

How it is done?

The Mystery shopper has to be aware of all the things from being greeted after at the entrance and thanked after they have finished, how quick was the response of the call and all the specific questions on what is being accessed. There is list of tick box questions for each location to access that how well they have been dealt with the staff and also the services provided from them.

VIP are given special treatment when the staff is informed in advance and taken care that no mistake is made , the level of  customer service is very high but if every customer is treated like a VIP then it makes very easy to maintain the service standard because those VIP come very rarely and our everyday customer rank our services.

These mystery shoppers help us to measure the gaps in our training and the areas that need some improvement to be taken place. It also becomes useful to the management to improve where it is lacking behind and can arrange some kind of appraisal or reward program for the staff for their service performance.


  • Improve the quality of customer service
  • Build loyalty and trust with the customers.
  • Reward staff and management – staff evaluations and training tools
  • Increase the sales and profit of the organization